YouTube The Sun and Moon in Balance

Tree of life with sun and moonHere is the meditation which explores working with the energy of the Sun & Moon in a balanced manner.

I also answered 6 or 7 questions that people who were attending asked about things happening in their life.  Some about jobs, some abundance, some releasing other’s energy.

I’ll have the transcription up soon and  you can also listen to the audio if you so choose!

The Freedom in Consciousness


When you listen to and practice the energies in this Goddess Channel you will align with the source of universal energy. This energy is massive, yet it feels so full and rich. It’s very much integrated into our divine self because it’s what is associated with that part of us.

I know bits and pieces of astrology and don’t always pay a lot of attention. As this channel was taking place, suddenly I could each constellation that was associated with each astrological sign as if lit up within the universe. I could see how each one had a different vibration or flow. From that vibration, as the flowed down into the people of that astrological sign I thought that’s why we’re different. I could also sense how the geometric flow of sacred geometry aligned within this space.

We as humanity have a consciousness that aligns within and around us. The animal kingdom has its own consciousness as do the trees, the waters, the land; all that is upon the earth. There is a much greater compliment between all of these energies as we support one another.

How often do you feel alone and isolated? I will frequently hear people talking about that and in fact it’s a common reason why they will call me for a channel. Humanity intrinsically wants to be a part of a group or a part of something bigger than they are. You as a human have your consciousness – created from your awareness, your beliefs, your reality, your alignment with others and the divine. Your Unconsciousness has many of the same alignments but it’s vibrating at a level of which you are unaware. The key here; is your unconscious supporting you or standing in your way?

Throughout this channel it opened the flow and the awareness of your consciousness to a greater level. Where are your thoughts each day? What is going on in the back of your mind when your focus is elsewhere? Are you manifesting what you truly want to have in life?

Creating greater clarity can assist you in creating the life that you seek. Your alignment with the universe and within yourself strengthens the consciousness of you the human with you the universal consciousness. Play with this today! Acknowledge your choices; conscious and unconscious.

Life’s Unexpected Happenings


Sometimes things happen that we just don’t have any control over.  We do our best, we trouble shoot things; but it happens.  When it does, we then go into questioning mode; why me? Why did it happen? What’s the purpose? What’s the lesson? Sometimes there just isn’t an answer. Sometimes it will give you clarity and other times it’s a wakeup call in a long list of similar experiences.

Take the Goddess Light teleconference on July 19, 2015.  I’ve been calling into the same bridge line for at least 6 years if not 9, I honestly can’t remember when I switched from a different one.  This time for whatever reason, nobody could hear me talking, nor could I hear them talking.  As I entered the room the computer voice said all the usual things.  As I looked at the room on the computer, I could see people were there………….. nothing.

I’m what I call uber Virgo.  I have most of the stuff on my astrological chart in the area of Virgo which is where I was born.  This means to me I prefer organization. I prefer to know what’s happening. I like to have a plan.  I used to be extremely left brained, but now I’m more balanced.  (The benefits of meditation and channeling!)  Here I am, ready to do my thing, the conference room isn’t working.

Luckily after time I remembered I was streaming through YouTube and this is what I switched over to so that at least I’d have the channel.  What’s interesting is that as you listen, you can tell during the first few minutes that I’m still ungrounded or less focused! If this happens again OR if you just prefer the video section, you can always watch these channels through my home page or my google + page.  I do also try to remember to stream in the Goddess Light page of Facebook, so there are options.

In the end, why did this happen?  Ultimately, I don’t know.  I checked with Free Conferencing and they did not have any outages they were aware of and my room worked just fine. I discerned from the Goddess that she didn’t want the distractions of the Q&A and this way, there weren’t any questions asked.  Perhaps it was a nudge from the universe for me to go with the flow and have less structure; I did ultimately do that. I do know at the time of the channel, I felt super powerful energies of the opening to divinity within everyone there and yes, even if you weren’t physically there; you were there!

I had lots of emails and comments from people.  These ranged from some telling me they couldn’t hear me, to another reminding me that the channel was that night to frustration over what was happening.  One comment stated that if God / Goddess are here in support of us, why would they do this, why would they let this happen.  Great question, the answer, I don’t know.  It comes around to the many things we have happening in our lives some of which we know exactly how they work, other things we really have no clue.

You wake up in the morning, you’re getting up; you’re going about your day maybe to work, maybe to eat breakfast, maybe to take care of your family.  You do this every day and in doing so do you believe that your angels, God / Goddess are there? You may just know it within you and don’t actually stop throughout it all and question are they there.  It’s those times that come outside of the norm that cause you to question; where is God, where are my guides, why would they do this.

My belief is that they are always there, no matter what the situation.  I believe they work with our higher self and divinity in creating opportunities that manifest in our everyday reality. Therefore, if something happens outside of the norm and you wonder why would you do that; perhaps another response is ‘Oh, I have this situation, what can I do to create a change’.  When we feel as if others are doing things to us, we become the victim.  When we feel we have no control over a situation, we become the victim.  When we feel life is happening all around us, except for us; we become the victim.

The Goddess in all situations wants you to feel empowered.  Empowerment comes from a place of expanding into  your divinity.  But it also comes from the choices you make.  You chose a response to every situation that takes place in your life.  Every time that you choose a response that helps you feel good; you are empowering your life.

I therefore invite you to choose!  Choose life! Choose love!  Choose to BE all of who you are. When life throws the curve ball, reach a little further and perhaps it’ll end up in your glove! There are potentials all around you.

Hello world!

I love that heading……. HELLO WORLD!  I look forward to connecting with new people and people I already know.  I’m excited to see where this will take and how life will evolve.

I’m a channeler which means angels and light being speak through me! I have a free teleconference twice a month, I do private work and I teach classes.  There is so much information and change taking place around us and my channeling can help with information and creating a more solid foundation.

I am curious to see how this all evolves. I do my best in all things to be authentic.

I look forward to future connections!